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Our approach to digital video production:

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Sourlands Documentary

Wrapping Up In The Sourlands

We’re in the final post-production stages of our latest documentary for the Sourlands Conservancy entitled “The Sourlands: A New Jersey Treasure.” Stay tuned for theater showings and more information… In the meantime, check out this beautiful scenic shot from the film!

Always A Champion Documentary

“Always A Champion” Documentary Trailer

We’ve been quietly working on a few big documentary projects… here is the trailer for the first one! “Featuring the three time consecutive PA State Champion Central Bucks South Marching Titans, this documentary looks beyond the trophies and focuses on what it really means to be a champion on and off the field. This compelling […]

The Manor House Pilot

The Manor House – Pilot Scene

When your production resources are minimal, writing a decent film script can be an exercise in total futility. The problem is that words are cheap, and its easy to get carried away. Anybody can type up an epic multi-car chase scene through downtown San Francisco, but you’ll probably be in for some sticker shock when […]