Our Approach to digital video production


You must captivate your audience and hold their attention.

The modern reality for marketers and advertisers is sobering. Over the past five years, digital media production has exploded – both in saturating old venues and creating entirely new ones. It’s hard enough to keep up, let alone stand out. Your message goes out to an audience that is more distracted, more jaded, and more demanding than at any point in history. It is no small feat to hold their attention.

As a team of young media professionals we have a deep appreciation for the type and quality of content that is required to meaningfully engage modern viewers. We employ a wide array of production and post-production techniques and technology that cater to the high expectations of your audience. The result is a stunning, high quality video that focuses the viewer onto one thing: your message.


After gaining their attention, you must then educate your audience about your product, service, brand, or cause.

You have their attention, so what are you going to say? Is your message easy to understand? Is it well-tailored to your intended demographic(s)? Has it been checked for accuracy and quality by the appropriate authority?

As with anything, preparation is a critical – and unfortunately, oft-overlooked – component of creating a video. Here at Skynine Cinema we offer creative consultations, scriptwriting, and storyboarding services for those who may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of creating video content entirely from scratch.


Finally, you must inspire your audience to act.

Even after getting your audience’s attention and getting your information across – the biggest hurdle remains: will they act? Will they employ your services, purchase your product, or join your cause?

Everything we do is in view of this final challenge. Our passion is to give your message the means to leave a lasting impression. It is a multifaceted task that requires technical, artistic, and psychological expertise – expertise that, when you team up with us, is always at your disposal.