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Artist Profile Film – Katie Engelhardt Photography


Like so many small business owners, Katie has a story and a passion. But when faced with the challenge of extending her reach and promoting her brand, she was left with nagging questions: Who am I? What makes me different? Why should people care?

Artist profile video for Katie Engelhardt Photography

Merely having good answers to those questions is not enough. Somehow, that information needs to reach other people, and it needs to engage them in a meaningful way. That’s not going to happen by just writing a few lines on a website and then hoping someone reads it. That is why an artist profile video like this one can be so powerful and effective, especially for someone like Katie.

Matt shooting Katie Engelhardt's Artist Profile Video

We take great pride in the fact that our work can create that connection between people like Katie and the multitude of viewers out there who are looking for someone like her. In a way, we’re a bit like matchmakers. Our job is to create a message that has that magical quality that can only be described as “I’ll know it when I see it.”

Artist Profile Video setup

We’re constantly amazed by how much we are able to do with a seemingly limited amount of equipment. Our rig for Katie’s interview was a small powerhouse of modern filmmaking technology – it included the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, the Zoom H4n, a Sennheiser G3 wireless lav kit, and a Vagabond Mini Lithium battery. It’s amazing to realize that we could set it all up on a small (but stout!) carbon fiber tripod and have a very inconspicuous production in our local park. In fact, our white reflector attracted more attention as I held it over my head for the duration of the interview.

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