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Canon 7d Native ISO Test


This is part two of our testing the native ISO’s of our various DSLR cameras. If you missed part I – the Canon 5D Mark II – go check it out for more background information as to why this is important.

Today we will be performing a Canon 7D native ISO test. The results are not all to surprising after the 5D – Canon seems to embrace ISO 160 as the native value.

Canon 7d Native ISO test 100-200

A few things are different, however. First, the noise penalty for dropping to ISO 100 on this camera appears to be substantially greater than the same drop on the 5D.

Canon 7d Native ISO test 250-500

Second, ISO 500 on the 7D appears to fare better in relation to ISO 400 than it does on the 5D.

Canon 7d Native ISO 640-1250

And finally, we do not see the same low noise level at ISO 1250 that we did on the 5D. This would seem to imply that it is not a native ISO value – that it is at least marginally amplified.

Canon 7d Native ISO 1600-3200Canon 7d Native ISO 4000-H

A final note – the way we pushed the noise on the 7D was different than on the 5D clips, so they cannot be compared directly. So our observations were limited to the proportional comparisons made above.