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Creative vs. Technical Projects

Creative vs. Technical

Almost all of the projects that our clients bring to us fall into one of two general categories. Knowing what category your project is in will help you gain a much better idea of it’s projected trajectory, timeline, and overall cost.

In the first category, we have what we call the “technical” projects. These span a wide variety, but all are similar in that they deal heavily in information. So if your project’s main purpose is viewer education, it probably falls in this category.

In the second category we have what we call the “creative” projects. These can also span a wide variety, but instead of dealing heavily in information they are much more tuned for their overall emotional or psychological impact.

Technical projects are generally straightforward and require little abstract or conceptual planning when compared to projects in the creative category. Since most clients with technical projects are already subject matter experts in their field, they normally have little to no trouble developing a rough script for their video. As a result, the pre-production phase usually progresses quickly to script finalization, with input from our team generally limited to refining logistical elements like talent coordination, location scouting, and production scheduling.

Creative projects, on the other hand, can require substantially more time in pre-production. Clients with a project in this category usually have a great new product or service, but they don’t yet have a creative message or concept for marketing it. Quite often these clients are looking for a “turnkey” package that includes concept development, scriptwriting, and storyboarding. And of course, it is only after the concept has been thoroughly discussed and approved that the project can move towards the script finalization and production planning stage.

Admittedly, it is rare for a project to fall squarely into one category or the other – there is always going to be some overlap. But being able to identify the extent to which your project is more creative than technical (or vice-versa) will allow you to form a much clearer picture as to how much time and money it will require.