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Cinematography vs. Videography


Empty Bucket Studios video production services
In the video production industry, you’ll often find the terms “cinematography” and “videography” used interchangeably by marketers, producers, event planners, and websites. Both of these terms are generally used to describe the process of capturing moving pictures but also imply a certain look or feel as the end result.

We feel the term “videography” refers to the documentation of an event from beginning to end with very little creative storytelling and artistry. The equipment used with this technique usually includes a varying degree of consumer/prosumer tape-based cameras with fixed lenses that has a smaller tolerance for low-light, thus producing a much “cheaper” look. This look can be compared to that of a soap opera television show. This style of shooting often leads to minimal editing which leaves you with a finished product that’s too long and not effective.

On the other hand, “cinematography” fuses creativity and artistry to achieve the perfect balance of timeless storytelling and entertainment. We utilize high-end cameras with interchangeable lenses to get great shots with shallow depth of field, much like you see in Hollywood motion pictures. But it’s not just the price tag of our equipment that captures great footage. Unlike the typical videographer who will plant themselves for 20 minutes at a time toying with the zoom control, our well trained cinematographers will be on the move getting shots from many angles and perspectives.

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